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Beds and Mattresses Amsterdam

Peters Wonen en Slapen offers various types of beds and mattresses. With an ideal combination just waiting to be found.
But how to find the right combination for you?

As a consumer, you are usually very good at formulating what a bed should look like and what type of materials you prefer.
But how to determine your sleeping comfort? We believe that comfort isn’t the only factor.

It is also very important that you can use your bed ergonomically. In order to find the right combination, it is best to visit our store where we will make a personalised recommendation for you. We prefer to do this in the morning, not because that is when we just woke up, but because your body will be rested which means you are able to feel the difference between various options.
This will allow us to find the right combination for you.
When buying a bed at the end of the day, odds are the comfort level will not meet your expectations.

Quite simply: it all feels good when you are tired. To be sure that we can spend all the time we need with you without having to make you wait, best give us a call for an appointment. We are happy to welcome you with a nice cup of coffee and hear all about your reasons for buying a new bed.
We want to hear your story in order to determine the right combination for you.
The next step is to test some beds, allowing you to feel what works and what doesn’t. The final step is to determine what the bed should look like from the outside.

A small piece of advice when it comes to testing beds: wear comfortable clothes that don’t get in the way of experiencing the comfort of each individual bed. We are an Auping and Loof dealer, among other brands. Also offering various solutions for box-springs and spiral bed bases.

Bed type

  • Box-springs
  • Bed frames
  • Folding beds
  • Sofa beds
  • Senior beds



  • Fixed bed bases
  • Adjustable bed bases
  • Electric bed bases


Our store at Rijnstraat in Amsterdam offers a large number of beds for you to try out. Of course, we are there to recommend the best fit for you.





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