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Luxaflex® has selected Peters Wonen & Slapen as their Inspiration dealer in the Amsterdam region. This means we are the first to know about their new products. As well as special discounts, product knowledge and good service when it comes to Luxaflex® products.

Until recently, awning was purely functional. These rigid blinds would lack any atmosphere and keep too much light and warmth out. Today, Luxaflex offers blinds that double as window decoration, transforming even the most boring varieties into fashionable products. We are proud to present a complete assortment.

We all have our own style, so gain some inspiration for yours, with our extensive collection of window decorations to make any room more beautiful and perfectly manage the incoming natural light. Get introduced to all our options: Luxaflex® Window Styling, Luxaflex® Your Home and Luxaflex® Your Style represent excellent quality and innovation and years of satisfying use.

Luxaflex is the Dutch market leader when it comes to indoor awning and window decoration, and in Amsterdam we are the odfficial inspiration dealer.

We are happy to welcome you to our showroom in the Amsterdam region to check out these products.









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