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Curtains are a characterful and practical product. It can be used to keep the sun out or damp noises, but it also adds a certain atmosphere to your interior. Peters Wonen & Slapen Amsterdam offers a huge and unique collection of curtain fabric to match any style and atmosphere. Whether you prefer blackout curtains, patterned curtains or single colour curtains.

Confection methods

Found your ideal curtain fabric? Time to consider the type of crease. This decision depends on your personal taste as well as the properties of the curtain fabric.

Our interior specialists can tell you all about it. An overview of the most popular crease types:

  • single crease: for heavy and voluminous fabrics.
  • double crease: popular and suitable for all fabric types.
  • triple crease: for thin, light fabric with smooth pleating.
  • return crease: for perfect pleating due to the zigzag effect.
  • flat crease: for nice and flat creases in lace curtain fabrics.


We’ve all seen regular, traditionally creased curtains. The fabric is joined at the top of the curtain in a single or double crease, causing the curtain to fall straight down in the crease and fan out the further down you look. If you want something different, the Wave system makes for a sleek and modern alternative. It comes especially recommended for large windows with sliding doors or very tall windows.

The system suspends the fabric in a nice and consistent wave pattern. A special strap is stitched into the top. The special rail contains a cord that keeps the runners at a fixed distance from each other. This creates the Wave effect: the fabric falls into a consistent wave pattern. The effect is particularly beautiful and refreshing when applied to flexible fabrics.

Peters Wonen & Slapen Amsterdam is also the place to be for curtain rails, curtain rods and blinds!
In addition, we offer a very extensive collection of panel curtains, shutters and convenient roller blinds.


NEW – the magnificent wooden shutters by - JASNO Folds Now on display at our showroom at Rijnstraat Amsterdam!!







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